AddressProject CommencementProject CompletionBrief Description of Project
La Romain, San FernandoMarch 1, 1998June 1, 1998Process Water- Cooling System, Design and construct a Pump Sump for a process water cooling System at the Ammonia Plant of Hydro Agri Trinidad Limited Point Lisas.
Port of SpainFebruary 1, 2000November 1, 2001Berth No. 6A , Provide personnel and equipment for changing out Steel Piles, make new capping Beams and install Marine Fenders onto the Berth.
Worthing, BarbadosApril 1, 2000October 1, 2001Pile Driving Proiect in Worthing, Barbados, Installation (driving) of 170 Concrete Piles and carried out foundation works an shore.
Frederick Street, Port of SpainAugust 1, 2002February 1, 2003Gasparee Island Jetty, Installation (driving) of piles (steellconcrete), cast Beams and Deck Slabs for the construction of this Jetty off Chaguaramas.
City of Grand Bazaar, ChaguanasMarch 1, 2003February 1, 2004Construction of a Marina, Provide personnel and equipment for the construction of a Jetty at Chaguaramas for Yachts, and also reclaimed lands for the construction of a haul-out facility at this location.
Pointe-A-PierreOctober 4, 2003October 14, 2003Berth No.6- Riser Renairs , Provide personnel and equipment including Crane Barge, Underwater Habitat and diving support services to carry out repairs to the 24 Inch diameter Fuel Oil Pipeline (No. 62).
Point LisasJanuary 2, 2004November 1, 2004Jetty Repairs, Recondition and grout 65 concrete Beams and Spalling concrete, and removal/replacement of steel bars on thejetty.
Point LisasJuly 1, 2004December 1, 2004Savonetta Pier No.1 Repairs, Removal/replacement of the corroded reinforcement steel bars at the underside of the Pier.
Production Avenue, Sea Lots P0. Box 896, Port of SpainJanuary 31, 2005April 1, 2005Dredging of Basin, Dredging of the Basin for marine vessels at Sea Lots, Port of Spain.
Point - A - PierreSeptember 7, 2005October 19, 2005Berths No. 5 and No. 6 , Provide underwater equipment for cleaning submerged areas of Piles and complete a Report for Petrotrin.
Brechin Castle, CouvaSeptember 26, 2005December 31, 2006Savonetta Pier No. 2 North, Design and construct a Gang Way Tower (original project). Increase the operating height ofthe Tower, and Supply/install Electric Motors for lifting the Gang Way (additional project).
Pointe-A-PierreOctober 20, 2005November 8, 2005Main Viaduct Jetty, Provide equipment for cleaning submerged areas of Piles and complete a Report for Petrotrin.
Port-of-SpainFebruary 1, 2006December 20, 2008Government of Trinidad & Tobago International Waterfront Development Project . Rental of one (1) 65 Ton Crane, Mobile, Rough Terrain - (125 ft. Hydraulic Boom)
Brechin Castle, CouvaJuly 20, 2006March 17, 2007Savonetta Pier No.1, Point Lisas Import, supply and install seven (7) Arch Type Fentek Marine Fenders at this Pier which is mainly used to export Ammonia, Urea and Lubricants. (supply of Fenders - $774,892.36, Installation of Fenders - $460,000.00) )
Scarborough, TOBAGOAugust 20, 2007September 1, 2007Repairs to Fishing Jetty-Scarborough, Tobago. Provide equipment (land based and marine) and personnel to carry out the following works: • Replace Greenheart Stringers and Plants on five (5) Finger Piers (using spikes). • Make up three (3) Pile Caps and cast two(2) new Pile Caps. • Supply and install (through pile Driving process) two (2) lengths of Steel Pipes (each of 13 inches and 30 inches) diameters, and fill concrete into the pipes. • Supply and install Cleats (30). • Sandbiast and paint Cleats and Pipes.
Pointe-A-PierreApril 26, 2008February 11, 2009Port & Harbour Operations - Pointe-A-Pierre. Underwater Inspeetion and Survey of thirty (30) Steel Tubular Piles as indicated hereunder. • Berth No.1 - 5 Piles, BerthNo.7 - 10 Piles, Schooner Berth - 10 Piles, Other Locations - 5 Piles. 1- lnspection of Piles for mechanical integrity and clean from tidal zone areas downwards to the sea Bed. Piles height range between 30 to 40 feet, and 03 feet in diameter. 2- Video imaging of the cleaned Piles and other areas using the (ROV) Remote Operated Vehicle mounted Video Camera. 3- Provide logistical Support including Dive Support Vessel, Video Recorder and others. 4- Compilation of Reports and Videos for (Petrotrin's) personnel.
Point LisasJune 17, 2008June 18, 2008Point Lisas Marine Facility. Provide personnel & equipment, and supply all mechanical components for the installation of two (2) new Yokohama Marine Fenders
Point LisasNovember 24, 2008January 20, 2009Modification to Port Facilities. (1) Importation of Thirteen (13) Arch Type Marine Fenders from our Principals and Manufacturers: Trelleborg Engineered Products Inc. Virginia, USA. (2) Liaise with Trelleborg and Arcelor Mittal for the preparation of new drawings for the reconstruction of the existing infrastructure to accommodate the new Fenders. (3) Provide personnel and equipment for die refurbishment and reconstruction of infrastructure. (4) Demolish and redevelop concrete structures, also disassemble and remove the defective Fenders. (5) Inspection of all die Fenders to ensure that that they are fully operational.
Point LisasMarch 24, 2009March 25, 2009Point Lisas Marine Facilitiy. Provide personnel & equipment, to remove defective Marine Fenders, supply all mechanical components and install three (3) new Marine Fenders.
Pointe-A-PierreFebruary 18, 2010June 30, 2010BERTH NO. 6 RENEWAL OF NO. 66 SEA LINE IN THE OIL PORT OF POINTE-A-PIERRE. Renew No. 66 Sea line (48 Inches - Standard Sch. Carbon Steel Pipe) that transfers crude oil at the Facility. Phases of this Project include inter alia: Fabricating and Welding, Sand Blasting, Transportation Offshore, Protective Coating, Test and Inspection, Concrete Coating, Hydro Testing, Underwater Engineering, Inspection Surveys, Crane Barge and Marine Crafts and Installation of Riser.
Pointe-A-PierreSeptember 1, 2010March 24, 2011LUBE OIL JETTY. Viaduct No.19 to Lube Oil Jetty. Renewal of corroded Sections of Pipelines and Racks. Scope of Work: (1) Level the surface areas beneath the Pipeline Racks. (2) Power Brush the surface of the Pipelines and Racks and paint. (3) Fabricate and install Pipe Support and "1" Beam Supports / Hangers at Pile Bent. (4) Renewal of 4 inch diameter Redundant Air Line.
Point-FortinDecember 29, 2010January 24, 2011PLATFORM NUMBER (10) SOLDADO MAIN FIELD. Conversion of Steel Container into Workshop and an Electrical Switch Room. Scope ofWork: Supply one (1) twenty foot (20Ft) Steel Container and refurbish it to accommodate a Workshop and Electrical Switch room according to Trinmar's Drawing No. 120C-R-01 dated October 14, 2010.
Pointe-A-PierreJune 28, 2011July 1, 2011BERTH NUMBER (7). Conduct Visual Inspection and Video Imaging using Diver / Inspectors to survey the Sea Bed of the following areas prior to demolition Works establishing the boundaries and Markers. (1) Outer Gantry, (2) Headline Dolphin, (3) Collapsed Sternilne Dolphin. Equipment includes: Dive Support Vessel, Camera, Recorder, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with Qualified Operator.
Point LisasJuly 20, 2011July 30, 2011SURVEY OF DOCK. (1) Conduct a detailed Survey ofthe Cathodic Protection system on the docks inclusive of photographs of the state of all the Anodes / Transformers / Rectifiers. (2) Conduct Survey on the overall condition of the Jetty's superstructure. (3) Technical Reports for the above Surveys to be provided.
Brechin Castle, CouvaJune 1, 2012June 25, 2012Emergency Supply & Installation of Temporary Yokohama Fender at Savonette Pier 3 (SP3)
Brechin Castle, CouvaJune 25, 2012October 31, 2013Rental of Yokohama Fender for SP3.
Western Main Road, ChaguaramasOctober 1, 2012October 19, 2012To Drive eight (8) piles and add extensions plus Misc. additional work at the facility in Chaguaramas
Lot # 1,
O'Meara Road
November 20, 2012November 20, 2012To Inspect and Clean the suction strainers & pipe columns of Savonetta Piers 3 & 4 as per the scope of work, and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations accordingly.
Point-FortinSeptember 9, 2013January 1, 1970PL/BS #9 - BRIDGE REFURBISHMENT AND OTHER WORKS.
Point LisasOctober 1, 2013October 25, 2013To Supply and Install One (1) 100 Tonne Bollard on North Side of AMPL Dock.
Point LisasApril 1, 2015October 1, 2015Reconstruction of protective dolphin at Savonetta Pier 1 South for PCS Nitrogen / National Energy Company of T&T:
Point FortinJune 1, 2017August 1, 2017To Supply & Install : one 105 ft Bridge between Platform 9 and Block Station 9 for Petrotrin Trinmar
Point LisasMarch 18, 2018April 18, 2018AMPL PORT DOCK INSPECTION. Provide personnel & equipment for a detailed inspection of the structure with a view of estimating the functional lifespan including remedial works that may be required to extend the lifespan of the dock

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